Say See Ya Later to Sewer Blockages

Say See Ya Later to Sewer Blockages

First Class Plumbing Service can do the trick

Although you can’t see your sewer line in action, you quickly notice when it’s underperforming. Prevent major sewer line damage and contact First Class Plumbing for routine sewer line cleanings in Alice, Texas. Our licensed and insured technicians have over 26 years of plumbing experience. Trust the pros with your home maintenance.

Call 361-396-4100 for:

  • Sewer line installations
  • Major plumbing overhauls
  • Regular drain cleanings
  • New plumbing installations

4 essentials for your home toolkit

Typically, sewer line problems are a result of grease buildup, corrosion, leaking joints or tree growth. There are a few ways you can avoid sewer line and plumbing repairs in Alice, Texas. Keep these four essentials on standby:

  1. Needle-nose pliers
  2. Drain cleaning solution
  3. Sturdy pipe wrench
  4. Reliable plunger

When you’re stuck and DIY efforts aren’t helping, call First Class Plumbing for local plumbing assistance.