Let Your Creativity Flow Freely in Alice, TX

Let Your Creativity Flow Freely in Alice, TX

A new plumbing installation will transform your space

When you’re faced with serious plumbing damage, you can book repairs or choose a new installation. Sometimes, treating yourself to a bathroom renovation is the better option. If you’ve been looking for a reason to remodel, contact First Class Plumbing for installation expertise. We offer residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services in Alice, Texas.

Contact us at 361-396-4100 to arrange:

  • Pipe leak and crack analysis
  • Water heater repairs
  • Plumbing replacements
  • New fixture installations

It’s time you soak up the perks of a modernized bathroom that functions properly.

3 common plumbing problems you can avoid

  1. Drain blockages
  2. Dripping faucets
  3. Damaged sewer lines

When you take care of your property, you’ll notice less wear and tear. Remind friends and family to place bathroom trash in the trashcan. Ask your kids to routinely clean the bathtub – hairballs are a known pipe nemesis. When in doubt, throw it away, don’t shove it down the drain. Contact First Class Plumbing with your questions and concerns in Alice, TX.


Faucet repair

We repair kitchen sink faucets, tub and shower faucets, lavatory faucets and outside faucets.

Faucet replacement

We repair kitchen sink faucets, tub and shower faucets, lavatory faucets and outside faucets.

Water Heater repair

We repair electric, Natural gas, LP gas, and tankless water heaters. We also offer water heater cleanings and flushes to remove the calcium buildup from the Texas hard water to prolong the life of the water heater.

Water heater replacement

We replace electric, Natural gas, LP gas and tankless water heaters.

Sewer Smells/ Smoke Test

Customers complaining of a sewer odor in the home can be one of the most difficult issues to resolve. At times we can sniff it out fairly quick but other times it can be hard to locate. Hard to locate a sewer odor often requires for us to perform a smoke test on the plumbing system to locate the cause and correct it.

Toilet repairs

we repair any make or model toilet, even the old ones with hard to find parts.

Drain Cleaning

We provide drain cleaning services top quality equipment.

Sewer Cleaning

We provide sewer cleaning services with top quality equipment.

Camera Work

When you are having reoccurring issues with blockages of drain and sewer pipes, this is a sign of pipes breaking down under your home or in your yard. We can video inspect your plumbing system and locate the problem, come up with a solution to isolate repair to minimize cost.

Tunnel Jobs

• When it comes down to it and there’s no other option but to replace the pipes under your home we have crews to take care of that too. No extra worries to the home owner to hire out different companies to accomplish one job. We’ll take care of the digging too.

Sewer line replacement

We replace old broken down sewer lines with new PVC pipe and cleanouts for future cleaning of lines if needed.

Water line replacement

We replace old broken down water lines with main cut off valves in homeowner friendly locations

Hydro Tests

If you own your home and think you might have a leak under your home or if you’re thinking of buying a home. We can perform a Hydro Test on the drainage system to test its integrity.

Gas pipe repairs

The most common issue with a gas leak is that the gas company pulls the gas meter leaving you with no hot water, no heat and no stove to cook with. This situation requires a licensed plumbing contractor to pull a permit, repair your leaks, and test your system under pressure. Also the inspection department will require that all gas appliances be brought up to current code before approval. You’ll need qualified experts to get your gas back up and running.

Water filters and water softeners: We install all types of filters and softeners.

We install all types of filters and softeners.

Sand Filters

If you have a well and the water has sand in it. We can size and install a sand separator at you well to eliminate the sand before it gets into your house and does more damage to your plumbing system

Well tanks

We replace well tanks, pressure gauges, pressure switches for your water well systems. If you have a well and your water fluctuates pressure frequently, this is a sign of a bad pressure tank. Taking care of this problem is essential as thiscan cause your well pump to fail and cause costly repairs.

New Construction

We offer full plumbing services for all Residential, Commercial and Industrial construction.

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